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Misrepresentation of art and design in Initial Teacher Education (PDF document)
Dr Rachel Payne shares the NSEAD ITE Special Interest Group's evidence-based letter to Damien Hinds MP. The letter raised two key issues about the misrepresentation of art and design subject by the DfE. This is specifically in relation to initial teacher education and comes at a time of significant recruitment issues.
Susan Coles, NEATEN a network for professional development and wellbeing
Susan Coles describes NEATEN, the North East Art Teacher Educator Network for visual art teachers, its collective focus on professional development and contributions to personal wellbeing.
Establishing priorities for communications with Damian Hinds and The APPG for Art, Craft and Design in Education (PDF document)
A transcription of the presentation given by Sophie Leach, assistant general secretary, to The APPG for Art, Craft and Design in Education, which asked: ‘How do we re-establish communication between the APPG and Damian Hinds MP, Education Secretary, and what are the priorities?’
SPAEDA (Somerset Partnerships Arts Education Agency) on teachers' CPD (PDF document)
Alice Crane, Artistic Director SPAEDA with Catherine Smith, Art Co-ordinator Milverton Primary, Somerset, share an action research project ‘Switched on to Art' which invested in teachers’ creativity to invigorate their practice.
Developing Great Subject Teaching, Wellcome Trust,16 May 2018 (PDF document)
Hilary Leevers (HL), Head of Education and Learning Wellcome Trust, and Nan Davies (ND), Project Manager for Professional Development, summarised evidence from Developing Great Subject Teaching which shows subject-specific CPD is effective in raising attainment and retaining subject teachers.
The NSEAD Survey Report 2015-16 (PDF document)
In 2015-16 The National Society for Education in Art and Design, undertook a large-scale survey of the subject. Sophie Leach presents and examines the key findings from the survey and Lesley Butterworth summarises the report's recommendations. This presentation was first presented, 9 February 2016.
Gomersal Primary School speeches, describing the value of the arts and the remit of their very own Arts Council, 14 March 2018
Six pupils from Gomersal Primary School describe why they joined the Gomersal Primary School Arts Council and why the arts are so vital for learning and life.
Effect of school funding on arts education, Andrew Baisley. 14 March 2018
School budgets have been under pressure for the last few years in particular for the last three years. However, the problem does go back further than that. Andrew Baisley, NEU, argues these are the largest education cuts in a generation.
Championing leadership through the arts, Karen Eslea and Michele Gregson
Karen Eslea (Head of Learning and Visitor Experience at Turner Contemporary, Margate and Michele Gregson (Arts Education Specialist) have been working together to explore and champion Children’s Leadership through the Arts. Here they explore this work in relation to the UK’s global ranking on the Kids Rights Index.
A Review of Art and Design Education in Norfolk’s Secondary Sector, NUA (PDF document)
Hilary Gresty shares the aims, findings and recommendations of The Review of Art and Design Education in Norfolk’s Secondary Sector. The review, commissioned through the outreach and recruitment department, aimed to understand the challenges currently facing schools and how the NUA might actively support creative education regionally.
The Heritage Crafts Association, Radcliffe Red List of Endangered Crafts (PDF document)
Greta Bertram shares the Heritage Crafts Association Radcliffe Red List of Endangered Crafts. The research, its aims and findings are summarised, together with issues affecting heritage crafts, to include both training and recruitment issues.
Sophie Cole, Programme Leader PGCE Secondary Art, Craft and Design, on the PGCE route into teaching, 22 February 2017 (Word document)
Sophie Cole, Programme Leader PGCE Secondary Art, Craft and Design at Northumbria University, examines the PGCE route into art and design teaching.
Henna Javed and Sam Fairbairn, a PGCE Art and Design experience, 22 February 2017
Henna Javed and Sam Fairbairn, reflect on becoming teachers of art and design and studying for a PGCE at Northumbria University.
Dr Peter Gregory, Art and design in primary ITE, 22 February 2017 (PDF document)
Dr Peter Gregory, Principal Lecturer in Education (Creative Arts) Canterbury Christ Church University, examines current routes into primary ITE and the changes in provision e.g. hour taught, for art and design specialisms. The focus of Gregory's research is between 1997 and 2010 and from 2010 to 2016. Today on average a student teacher is allocated an average of two sessions.
Engage, Jane Sillis, Director of Engage, 14 December 2016 (PDF document)
Jane Sillis shared a survey undertaken by Engage members that focused on the impact of Brexit on gallery education and educators.
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