About Us

What do we do?

Our aim is to advance art, craft and design education through our values and with our community of members and supporters.

We are advocates. We influence a wide variety of opinion formers, policy makers and stakeholders to defend and promote outstanding art, craft and design education across all phases of learning.

We are a community. We are informed, inclusive, diverse, articulate professionals, connected through membership and through virtual and regional networks and committed to our aims and values. We serve an active, creative and dedicated community of art, craft and design teachers, trainee teachers, lecturers, artist teachers, parents, consultants, museum and gallery educators, inspectors and partners.

We are educators, practitioners, learners and researchers. We promote outstanding classroom and studio practice, create learning materials, conduct research and generate knowledge and debate to share good practice and continue to develop art craft and design education.

We are an expansive organisation. As a trade union we represent you in the workplace. As a learned society and subject association we work with members, supporters, funders and partners to ensure that our vision is strategic, relevant and fit for purpose through the 21st century.

To download the NSEAD Constitution and Rules in PDF format click here