About Us

What are our aims?

Specifically, we aim to:

  • continue to be the principal organisation promoting and representing art, craft and design in all phases of education throughout the United Kingdom;
  • include the overwhelming majority of art, craft and design teachers and lecturers in the United Kingdom in active membership;
  • create a vital, articulate, well-informed professional community of committed art, craft and design educators and practitioners;
  • provide an essential forum for the dissemination of ideas, practical developments and research findings in art, craft and design education;
  • be the key provider of high quality in-service education, on-line and other information and publications for art, craft and design education.
  • Our values

    We believe that a high quality art, craft and design education is an entitlement for all children, young people and learners of all ages and is essential for personal, social, moral, spiritual, cultural and creative development.

    We believe that art, craft and design education will enable children, young people and learners of all ages to be confident citizens, flexible thinkers and future professionals, contributing to the culture, creativity, economic success, leisure, material and emotional wellbeing and wellness of our society within both national and global contexts.

    We believe art, craft and design education prepares us all for life in modern Britain and within international communities through study that promotes tolerance, respect and social, spiritual and moral and cultural understanding.