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The NSEAD established The Athene Trust as an independent charity in 1996. The intention of both organisations is to promote art, craft and design in all stages of learning. The Trust also promotes self-confidence and the use of art and crafts in all aspects of recovery and rehabilitation, for people of all ages in whatever circumstances and institutions in which they may find themselves. The Trustees welcome application for grants from any organisation encompassed in the above.

As a charitable organisation, The Athene Trust seeks funding from professional agencies involved in art and design as well as the general public. The funds are managed efficiently, with low overheads, by experienced volunteers from the sector.

If you have enjoyed art, either actively or passively throughout your lifetime, and know the interest and benefits it has brought, why not provide for others to follow in your footsteps?

You may like to reflect on how a bequest or donation could help to bring enjoyment and personal satisfaction to many.

If you decide to make a donation please address it to:

'The Athene Trust'
c/o The NSEAD
3 Masons Wharf
Potley Lane
SN13 9FY