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5 Assorted Start Issues
Kitto, Michele (recent) Burnside, Amanda (earlier) Edited by
AD Magazine (Subscription)
Leach, Sophie Edited by
AD magazine - Issue 15 (Members only)
Leach, Sophie; Edited by
AD magazine - Issue 15 (Non-members)
Leach, Sophie; Edited by
AD Magazine - Issue 16 (Members only)
Leach, Sophie Edited by
AD Magazine - Issue 16 (Non members)
Leach, Sophie; Edited by
AD Magazine - Issue 17 (Members only)
Leach, Sophie; Edited by
AD Magazine - Issue 17 (Non-members)
Leach, Sophie; Edited by
AD Magazine - Issue 18 (Members only)
Leach, Sophie; Edited by
AD magazine - Issue 18 (Non Members)
Leach, Sophie; Edited by
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iJADE: The following articles have been found matching your search:

Article Volume
'Imagination Need Not Die': Alexander Barclay-Russell's Work on Education in Art
5x5x5 = Creativity in the Early Years
Jiselle and the Royal Jelly: Power Conflict and Culture in an Interdisciplinary Game Design Course
A (Con)text for New Discourse as Semiotic Praxis
A Chaotic Intervention: Creativity and Peer Learning in Design Education (pages 146–156)
A Collaborative Design Curriculum for Reviving Sheet Metal Handicraft (pages 369–377)
A Comparative Study of Further Education Staff Attitudes to Multi-cultural and Racist Reforms in Art and Design Education
A Conceptualisation of Emotion within Art and Design Education: A Creative, Learning and Product-Orientated Triadic Schema
A Consideration of the Relationship between Creativity and Approaches to Learning in Art and Design
A Critical Mapping of Practice-Based Research as Evidenced by Swedish Architectural Theses
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News: The following news items have been found matching your search:

Brexit Report, Creative Industries Federation 31 October 2016
Tate Research Centre: Learning - information and call for submissions 31 August 2014
TEA (Thinking, Expression and Action) Update 1 31 August 2012
Learning Outside the Classroom 30 September 2008
New web site resources from Cumbria and Lancashire 30 September 2004
New Hadrian’s Wall School Learning Resource Online 30 March 2015
Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 30 March 2012
Lords debate The Queen’s Speech and ask questions on the Ebacc, Brexit and creative talent 30 June 2017
Artists Access to Art Colleges AA2A 30 July 2012
A new BBC survey of over 1200 schools has found that creative arts subjects are being cut back in many secondary schools 30 January 2018
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Market Place: The following websites have been found matching your search:

Art Republic has one of the UKs largest selections of high quality online art posters and prints, it also has an unbeatable and indispensable guide to art museums and exhibitions throughout the world. The company has been trading on the web for over 3 years and has over 20 years experience of retailing within this market.
Goodwill Art
Goodwill Art provides award-winning resources for Art, Craft & Design and RE teachers, now available as ebooks (pdfs) for use with whiteboards. Our 50 different teaching guides – each with 25 or 30 images, background information and lesson plans adaptable for any Key Stage — cover a range of art forms in series on Paintings on Popular Themes; Key Modern Art Styles; World Art; Craft, Design & Culture and World Religions through Art.
Great Art
10% discount for nsead members - choose from 20,000 products in Great Art’s catalogue of quality artists’ materials – the biggest single source of art supplies in Europe. All the top brands and those hard to find specialist items are available ex stock – and many at 50% off list prices. Everything, from paints, papers, brushes to printing presses, kilns, soapstone, is just a phone call away on 0845 601 5772 or click on this link.

Illuminations Publishing
Illuminations is a dynamic and innovative producer of cultural content for television, video, DVD, online and other platforms. The company has a distinguished history of making programmes about the arts, digital culture and ideas for broadcast and other distribution in the UK and overseas. Illuminations Publishing, created in 2001, now has a publishing list of over 60 DVD and VHS films about the arts. This initiative includes documentaries produced alongside major exhibitions and well-known institutions such as Tate and Shakespeare's Globe, as well as the EYE, an acclaimed series of interview-based profiles of contemporary artists. These productions provide an exciting opportunity for Illuminations to build on its excellent reputation as a producer of high quality programmes about the arts and culture. Please contact Louise Machin
Intellect Books
Intellect publishes books and journals of both scholarly and general interest. It tracks the newest developments in digital creative media - such as art, film, television, design and the Web. Intellect are offering NSEAD members a reduced subscription rate to their range of journals. Members may order personal subscriptions at rate of £20 instead of the normal £30. These include: Journal of Visual Art Practice; Journal of Media Practice and Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education among others.
Pisces are the specialists in art and design products for the Education Sector, with over 35 years experience and a dedicated artistic team we are pleased to offer an extensive range of British made sketchbooks and the highest quality tools and materials available. New for 2011 we have a fantastic range of own brand products that have been developed with teachers and students in mind, including Acrylic Paint, Colouring Pencils and Pens and an exclusive granulated paint which is good for the environment. Pisces has 2 catalogues offering the best in Key stage 3 and 4 art and design materials and a Primary range packed full of fun resources that will help develop creativity in your budding artists.
Be Inspired!
The Dover Bookshop
An expert selection from the stockholding of Dover Publications Inc., Pictorial Archive and Clip art books; the largest collection of copyright-free images and illustration references in the world. Specialists in royalty-free image books, in fine arts and graphic arts; always held on our shelves whenever possible...ready to send. No other supplier can compete on delivery, expertise and service.
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Advocacy: The following websites have been found matching your search:

A message by NSEAD patron Bob and Roberta Smith
In partnership with NSEAD's colleagues at the Campaign for Drawing we commissioned a film of our patron Bob and Roberta Smith talking about why we must teach art and design in schools.
A short film showing how teachers can interpret the national curriculum for art and design
This film commissioned by the Expert Subject Advisory Group for Art, Craft and Design explains the requirements and range of interpretations of the art and design national curriculum.
Art and Design Education, a guide for Governor and Trustees
Art and Design Education, a guide for Governor and Trustees will help explain the vital role governors have in championing and advocating for high-quality art and design education. The Guide was created by NSEAD in partnership with Arts Council England and National Governors' Association.
Art, craft and design education advocacy videos
Curated by Dr Emese Hall this selection of videos draws together artist, makers and designers, organisations and arts professionals, from Elliot Eisner to Chris Riddall, the Crafts Council to the Campaign for Drawing, each of these videos offers advocacy for art, craft and design education.
Arts Council England Advocacy Toolkit and Posters
The Arts Council England Toolkit includes pages, posters and key facts that sum up why public investment in arts and culture is important. Their aim is to demonstrate the value of public investment in arts and culture. The posters identify the growth in arts and culture related employment and exports.
Heads for the Arts
Heads for the Arts are a group of headteachers who represent highly successful secondary schools across England. The Heads for the Arts website include a collection of case studies, key creative industry facts and A Case for the Arts which summarise the value and importance of high quality arts education.
TED Talks: How to escape education's death valley
TED Talks include many videos which inform, share, explore and in their own words are: 'devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading'. In this video Sir Ken Robinson outlines three principles crucial for the human mind to flourish – and how current education culture works against them.
The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth
This National Endowment for the Arts report displays correlations between arts activity among at-risk youth and subsequent levels of academic performance and civic engagement. The authors, using four longitudinal databases, draw three main conclusions.
The Case for Arts Education in Schools
On 27 November 2014, the House of Lords debated the motion: “that this House takes note of the case for arts education in schools”. The Case for Arts Education in Schools was compiled to give background reading for Members of the House ahead of the debate and provides evidence-based research and sector opinion on government reforms to arts education in schools.
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Occasional Papers: The following papers have been found matching your search:

Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting
(PDF document)
Minutes of the AGM held at The Ashmolean Museum, Beaumont Street, Oxford on Saturday 30th JUly 2018, can be downloaded here.
NSEAD Annual Report 2016-17
(PDF document)
You can read the full NSEAD Annual Report here
The NSEAD Survey Report 2015-16
(PDF document)
In 2015-16 The National Society for Education in Art and Design, undertook a large-scale survey of the subject. Sophie Leach presents and examines the key findings from the survey and Lesley Butterworth summarises the report's recommendations. This presentation was first presented, 9 February 2016.
NSEAD, Looking back, Looking at evidence, Looking ahead. Sophie Leach
(PDF document)
Presenting at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design in Education, Sophie Leach summarised: Ofsted's research and focus on the curriculum; Wellcome and Curee review which makes a link between subject training and school standards.
Championing leadership through the arts, Karen Eslea and Michele Gregson
(PDF document)
Karen Eslea (Head of Learning and Visitor Experience at Turner Contemporary, Margate and Michele Gregson (Arts Education Specialist) have been working together to explore and champion Children’s Leadership through the Arts. Here they explore this work in relation to the UK’s global ranking on the Kids Rights Index.
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Goodwill Art: The following packs have been found matching your search:

Starter Sets" Bedrooms
Starter Sets" Bridges
Starter Sets" Colour
Starter Sets" Dance
Starter Sets" Dressing
Starter Sets" Games
Starter Sets" Gardens
Starter Sets" Interiors
Starter Sets" Landscape
Starter Sets" Leisure

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Goodwill Art resource can be seen here

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