Initial Teacher Training - Trainers Pack and Programme


A main purpose of the site is to enable you, as a new ITT trainer, to audit your subject knowledge and skills, to provide you with access to information and resources that will broaden your knowledge and skills, and to assist you in your continuing professional development as a teacher trainer. The site is intended as part of a support mechanism for use along side the help and advice you will have from your own institution during your first year as a teacher trainer.

The principles adopted in developing this section of the website relate to the notions that:

  • as a teacher trainer you are a reflective practitioner and as such need access to research in the field of art and design education;
  • you are self motivated and will actively engage in peer debate, engaging with a range of resources that reflect a view that art, craft and design education is a research based activity;
  • you will need access to information and resources to inform your thinking, debate and practice as an art and design teacher trainer;
  • education in art, craft and design, to be worthwhile should reflect the organic and dynamic nature of professional / contemporary practice.

All the resources and information provided are 'negotiable' and are intended to provide a number of philosophical, theoretical and practical viewpoints relating to the training of art, craft and design teachers. The intention is to encourage you to use the web site to develop new and challenging ways of approaching training in art, craft and design. As a teacher trainer you are invited to exercise your own professional judgment relating to the information, resources and references provided to increase your confidence in the role.

The NSEAD would welcome any feedback you might wish to offer to assist in further development of the site for future teacher trainers.

The strands that can be recognised within the website are related to:

Teaching and Learning
Teacher Training Programmes
Research Support