Initial Teacher Training - Trainers Pack and Programme



Mentor Training and Handbooks
Partnerships with Schools

Mentor Training and Handbooks

  • Value the mentor as a partner in the development of courses
  • Share good practice between partnership schools
  • Keeping mentors informed about legislation and university procedures
  • Providing training and lesson observation
  • Invite mentors to exhibitions
  • Supporting the mentors professional development (comments from mentors)
  • Exemplar Course Handbooks The University of Exeter has a Secondary PGCE Art and Design Handbook available online at
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Partnerships with Schools

  • ยท Managing Partnerships (schools, galleries and alternative placements)
    • Types of partnerships might include schools and alternative placements for students
      Example of a partnership agreement:
      The role of Induction Tutors:
    • Evaluating the benefits of particular placements as contributors to student learning
    • Building relationships with galleries, museums and community art projects

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      Cabinets of Curiosity by Sara Selwood, Sue Clive and Diana Irving (Art and Society) ISBN 0 900331 968 3 (1994)
      Crossing the Line - Extending Young People's Access to Cultural Venues edited by John Harland and Kay Kinder (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) ISBN 0 903319 91 8 (1999)