Initial Teacher Training - Trainers Pack and Programme


Cross-curricular Connections

Recognise that art craft and design can play a significant role in helping pupils to understand the wider curriculum through supporting, enhancing and illuminating encapsulating other subject areas. Art, craft and design as an agent of change, as

Not just practical and celebratory, can be founded in the issues of the day which cut across the wider school curriculum

List of one example per curriculum 'lens' where art, craft and design can contribute

Trainers should refer to course handbooks where units of work are listed which identify a small selection of examples where art, craft and design is used in this way.

Examples of the various course structures adopted by one institution are:

  1. Course outline year three – specialist
  2. BA QTS Year One – Introduction to teaching art and design
  3. Year one introductory course
  4. Year 2 Specialism in art and design
  5. Year 3 Specialism in art and design

In addition the The Primary Art and Design Subject Leaders' Handbook provides valuable information to help successfully establish and develop the subject in schools. It is a must for every primary coordinator and useful for teacher trainers in addressing the issues with their trainees.