NSEAD Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education 2017

During 2013, in preparation for the General Election 2014, the Society consulted with its members and produced the NSEAD Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education.

Within the Manifesto we laid out a clear vision that celebrates, signposts, promotes and defends our subject to ensure art, craft and design education has the position and value it deserves, and that society needs, in the twenty-first century.

Written in three distinct sections, the Manifesto provided an initial section advocating for the subject; a second section providing seven policy proposals for art, craft and design education and a final concluding section of research-based evidence backing up our chosen policy proposals.

We were delighted that so many organisations, agencies, individuals and of course NSEAD members and supporters contributed to and signed up to the Manifesto.

Download the NSEAD Manifesto here

As an immediate response to the snap election called by Prime Minister Theresa May for 8 June 2017 we are consulting with our members and supporters again to revisit the NSEAD Manifesto and update and refresh it within the context of a new global, political, education and cultural sector landscape.

Much has changed. More and different issues need challenging across all phases and along all sections of the education pipeline.

The time frame is short. We know that grammar schools and the national funding formula will be key to the government manifesto, but where a potential tranche of new policies will leave the findings of the long awaited E-Bacc consultation is unclear. The imminent white paper may not be released before June.

NSEAD is unique as both a subject association, trade union and learned society. Alongside generic education and cultural sector issues we will be focussing on the implications for art, craft and design education, ensuring our subject and our teachers are at the heart of our manifesto, lobbying, advocacy and consultations.

We are inviting members and supporters to contribute to the new Manifesto. Using the NSEAD Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education 2014 as a guide please pass your comments by Friday 5 May 2017 to

We will be launching the NSEAD Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education 2017 during the week of 15 May 2017 in time for you to circulate it to your MPs, and for us to circulate to parliamentarians, journalists and opinion formers prior to the next General Election on 8 June 2017.

Thank you for your attention in what we appreciate is a short time frame in a very busy term and time. The NSEAD Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education 2017 will ensure that your voice is part of the General Election 2017

18 Apr 2017