A new curriculum for Wales is published

Traditional boundaries between subjects will be scrapped in Wales's new curriculum in favour of six 'Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLEs)’. Each AoLE will be organised into a “suite” of “what matters statements” which, the Welsh Government state, prioritise the important concepts about which learners must have experiences, knowledge and skills.

Expressive Arts becomes one of the six AoLEs, and will include: 'Dance, drama, film and digital media, music, and visual arts linked by a common creative process and transferable skills.'

All Areas of Learning and Experience will be:

1. Languages, Literacy and Communication – (Welsh, English and international languages and literature)

2. Mathematics and Numeracy

3. Science and Technology –(Design and technology, engineering, computer science, biology, chemistry and physics)

4. Humanities – (History, geography, religious education, business studies and social studies)

5. Health and Well being – (Focuses on the physical, psychological, emotional and social aspects of life)

6. Expressive Arts – (Dance, drama, film and digital media, music, and visual arts linked by a common creative process and transferable skills).

Read more about the new Curriculum and each of the AoLEs here.

There will also be 'four purposes' of the curriculum. They aim to support learners to be:

Ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives;
Enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full;
Ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world;
Healthy, confident individual, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

The new curriculum will be taught in all schools up to Year 7 from September 2022. It will then roll out year by year until it includes Year 11 starting 2026 and ending 2027. The Welsh Government says qualifications will adapt to reflect the new curriculum. This signals the end of GCSEs in Wales as we know them and the end of the Ebacc too.

Michele Gregson, NSEAD general secretary says:

'Wales' new curriculum is ambitious in both its purpose and its six AoLEs. Expressive arts is one of the six, each of which includes a series of ‘what matters statements’ and are ‘important’ therefore for all students, across all phases. Subjects, and all expressive arts disciplines, will be taught, giving the Society and its members reasons to view the changes as both forward facing and potentially positive.

However, for the curriculum and any changes to be implemented with purpose and effectively, all teachers will need funding and access to high-quality training and CPD.

We will now scrutinise the proposals, its implications for our subject and teachers working across all phases. We look forward to consulting with our members in Wales and across all nations, on the proposals. Please let me know your views by Friday 14 June 2019.'

Read more about the curriculum and give your feedback here.

The consultation closes 19 July 2019.

30 Apr 2019