A new report examines the impact of public investment in the arts

Public Investment, Public Gain: How public investment in the arts generates economic value across the creative industries and beyond is a new report, published by the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) and Arts Council England. The report evidences how public investment into the UK’s arts and culture unlocks social, reputational and economic value throughout the creative industries and beyond. Within three themes: Talent, Jobs and Growth; Innovation; New Models of Investment, the report examines the impact using infographics (or snapshots), quotes and case studies.

In the report Alan Bishop, Chief Executive, (CIF) says:

'The main explanation for that [creative industries] success was the creation of an extraordinary talent pool, largely as a result of public funding.

'It was the country’s post-war determination to invest in culture, the arts and creative education which produced the generation who were to revolutionise our creative industries. They went to art school not business school. They did not waste the cultural stimulation and the arts education which the state gave them.'

Ed Sheeran, singer, songwriter, says:

'Without the funding for art, drama and music for young people then you just won’t have any home- grown talent at all. Without funded programmes and opportunities, a massive number of talented young people just won’t have the chance to discover what they’re capable of or develop their skills.'

Ian Callum, director of design, Jaguar, says:

'Design and creativity are at the very heart of Jaguar. Creative thinking is the starting point for all of our products and continues through the complete process. Without new ideas and concepts we cannot move forward. Creativity needs to be at the centre of every industry and indeed any institution. It moves the world to a better place.'

Read the report here

02 Jun 2019