Trade Union support

Industrial action

Section 1 of the Trade Union Act 1984 prohibits a trade union from organising industrial action unless it holds a secret ballot which satisfies the stringent conditions set out in section 11 of the Act and as amended by the Employment Act 1988. Such ballots must be held before any action can be authorised.

NSEAD cannot, and will not, organise a ballot to authorise industrial action until approached by a member(s). No member of NSEAD is requested nor authorised to strike until after that action has taken place.

In the event of a positive ballot in favour of strike action members will be authorised by the President to take such action. Nevertheless, the final decision whether or not to take strike action is a matter for the conscience of individual members.

In such circumstances or on occasions where members work alongside colleagues who are members of alternative unions who are taking industrial action the following advice should be followed. Members should not undermine the actions of those colleagues. As a matter of principle members should do the work that they are normally contracted to do as reasonably instructed by their head teacher or line manager. They should not take on unreasonable additional duties that come about as a direct consequence of the protest actions of members of another union.

If you are in doubt about what might be termed unreasonable duties please contact the NSEAD office.